Pitfalls to avoid when renovating your home!

Are you curious about what home renovations will increase the value of your home? Here are a few pitfalls to avoid.

Home offices are a popular remodeling project. However, there is one pitfall. If you convert a bedroom into a home office, this could decrease the value of your home because the next homeowner may prefer the extra bedroom instead.

Compare your home with other houses in the neighborhood. If your home is significantly upgraded beyond those of comparable homes, you will likely have a harder time recouping your investment.

Low quality additions that have been done by unlicensed contractors or without permits and approvals may cause problems later when it comes time to sell. If a would-be buyer has the home inspected and the inspector finds flaws in load-bearing members, plumbing, or electrical systems, it could cause questions to form in the mind of the buyer as to the integrity of the entire home.

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